Garage Sale Pricing – Free Printable Sticker Templates

As I talked about yesterday, using address label stickers that you print on your computer is one of the easiest methods I have found for pricing garage sale items!

I have made up some templates that you can print out using blank address label sticker sheets. When you print, be sure that the page scaling is set to NONE.

These stickers are ready for you to print out and then you can add your initials and a price!

These garage sale sticker templates are for the Avery 6467 or 8167 – 1/2″ x 1.75″ – 80 to a sheet:

Yellow Tag - 80 - Click to download

Blue Tag - 80 - Click to download

Sun - 80 - Click to Download

Kid's Butterfly - 80 - Click to download

Kid's Spider & Web - 80 - Click to Download

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Get Your Kid’s Winter Gear on eBay Right Now!

snowmanI just got a fantastic deal on a Columbia Vertex jacket & snow pants plus a Gap hat & scarf for my little guy on eBay!

I did not have any luck at garage sales this year finding winter jackets, snow pants or boots for my kids. These are items that I do NOT buy at retail prices, so the next place I look is eBay ( I  love eBay:)!

These winter items are cheap on eBay right now because it is the beginning of the fall/winter season!

I got the full set for my son for $39.50, plus $7.95 for shipping, not bad. In the full swing of the selling season, this set would probably have sold for $60-70 or more. If I remember right, I think I sold my sons set last year for $60 on eBay. Read more

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Great Garage Sale Signs

Your garage sale sign can make or break your sale. If you have fabulously flashy signs, people just can’t resist, they’ll head right on over to your sale!

A few things to keep in mind when you are making your garage sale signs:

  • Bigger is Better
  • Bright Colors are more noticeable
  • Bold Black Lettering is easiest to read
  • Big Arrows to point the way
  • Adding Details like the distance, address, dates, headline or items always helps (if you have the room)
  • Fabulously Fun & Flashy signs are irresistible

Here are a couple of great signs that I have seen on my garage sale-ing adventures:

Found in Frederic, WI

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Garage Sale Success ~ I made $1000!

Garage Sale Sign

My garage sale was a huge success – get my Garage Sale Tips!

I made $1000 and that was my goal, I did not have quite as much stuff as I had at my last sale where I made $1300. It was my mother and I having the sale and we sold about $1800 total.

My kids were very happy with their profits as well, my 13 year old stepdaughter made $28 with her concessions and $30 on some of her clothing and books. My 2 younger kids got to help price some of their toys and put the stickers on (you can read more about that experience here) they did well also, my 6 year old daughter made $27 and my 4 year old son made $14.

Our ad for the local newspaper cost $38 and we rented 6 tables for $25, I think it was well worth the cost. Read more

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Garage Sale Pricing – Using Printed Stickers for Tags

Garage Sale Pricing Stickers

Garage Sale Pricing with Stickers is Easy!

Pricing your garage sale items is a dreaded part of having a garage sale, so why not at least make the actual “Putting on of Prices” a little bit fun this year?

I am currently in the throes of getting ready for my annual family group sale. The younger kids (4 & 6) and I have been sorting and pricing tons of toys! They had way too many toys and numerous times throughout the year I would come out of their rooms with a box full of toys, tape up the box and set it in the garage sale corner in my basement to be dealt with later. Well, now it’s later:) Read more

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Tips for Advertising your Garage Sale

Advertising your garage sale is a must!

And the more advertising you do, the more customer you will have and the more money you will make! Here are a few ways you can advertise your garage or yard sale.

Word of mouth

Tell everyone, your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church, daycare etc. about your sale.  And have them tell their friends!


Post flyers around town (where allowed) at your local library, post office, bank, grocery store. Post them at work or at church. Put a creative attention grabbing ad in your local newspaper. Read more

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Tips for Writing an Attention Grabbing Garage Sale Ad

Advertising your garage sale is a must!

I truly believe that your newspaper ad is not the place to skimp! My last garage sale was a huge event, it was a group sale with 4 of us selling our treasures. Our ad cost $100, but it was definitely worth every penny! I even met a lady from a town 30 miles away at the local gas station before the sale, with my ad in her hand and a car full of friends! We sold about $4500 as a group and my hard earned profits totaled $1400.

Here are a few things to include in your Garage Sale Ad: Read more

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Garage Sale Pricing – Kid’s Clothing Pricing Guide

Pricing items for a garage sale or a yard sale is one of the biggest headaches when preparing for your sale. It’s always difficult to know what price tag to put on your treasures.

Here are a few garage sale pricing tips for pricing children’s clothing.

First of all, if you have kids, you know that not all clothing is created equal! You are not going to want to sell that cute dress from Wal-Mart for the same price as the gorgeous dress you bought from Gymboree last Easter. You have to take into consideration the brand, age and condition when you are pricing and in order to get a little return on your investments! Read more

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Tips for Pricing Your Garage Sale Items

Pricing Your Garage Sale Items

I tend to price on the slightly higher side on the items I know are hot sellers, like kids name brand clothes for example. I don’t want to give these items away and I need to make my sale efforts worth my while! If your items are in great condition, name brand and not outdated, you can ask a little more and get it! Would you pay $5 for a pair of stylish Abercrombie jeans? I would because I know what they cost retail or even on eBay.

I find it very irritating when I am at a sale and some things are marked and some are not, I honestly don’t want to go searching for the sale person to ask “How much is this Shirt?” So, usually, if it’s not marked, I put it back. Read more

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Tips for Preparing Your Garage Sale Items

Planning a Garage SaleIt’s finally starting to warm up here in WI, Yeah! We were in the 60’s all last week and that’s exactly what I needed to get me thinking about my own garage sale. I always have a group sale with my sister, mom and grandma and it is a huge to-do. One year we had to rent a tent because we had so much stuff to get rid of!

We have decided to have our sale on the weekend of  our town’s annual celebration days. So there will be lots of people around and we should make some decent money!

Today, let’s talk about preparing your garage sale items. Even if you have already had your sale, I’m sure you will find some valuable tips that you can use for next year. Read more

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