Garage Sale Pricing – Using Printed Stickers for Tags

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Garage Sale Pricing Stickers

Garage Sale Pricing with Stickers is Easy!

Pricing your garage sale items is a dreaded part of having a garage sale, so why not at least make the actual “Putting on of Prices” a little bit fun this year?

I am currently in the throes of getting ready for my annual family group sale. The younger kids (4 & 6) and I have been sorting and pricing tons of toys! They had way too many toys and numerous times throughout the year I would come out of their rooms with a box full of toys, tape up the box and set it in the garage sale corner in my basement to be dealt with later. Well, now it’s later:)

Each box of toys we open brings a long lost friend or item that my children have been desperately searching for, to deal with this situation we have a new box to set aside the things they truly love and want to keep. Then, at the end of the toy pricing expedition, they can choose the few that are most loved to keep!

Kid's Garage Sale Pricing Stickers

This year, I decided to let them help with the pricing, put their own stickers on and they can keep the money from their sales. They already have plans for all the money they are going to make:)

I have always used address labels printed out on the computer for my garage sale stickers, it is super easy and they work great!

This year, we made fun garage sale pricing stickers for everyone, each person has a different style of sticker.  When you are having a group sale, it’s very helpful if each person has their own unique stickers, this makes it nice and easy when adding up the profits at the end of the sale.

I used the Avery Multi-Purpose Removable  Labels 6467 which are 80 labels to a sheet.

You can make whole sheets of the same price, like a whole sheet of $1.00 stickers or you can have multiple prices on a single sheet.

Kid's Garage Sale Pricing Stickers - Multiple prices per page

To make multiple prices, just print a specific number of labels per price.  so for my son’s stickers I printed 20 blank-no price labels, then put it back into the printer to print 20 $2.00’s (don’t forget to start on label #21) and then 40 $1.00 labels.

Click here to download & print my free garage sale pricing templates now!

Recommended Labels for Garage Sale Pricing:

Avery 6467 White Removable Multi-Purpose – 1/2″ x 1.75″ 80 to a sheet – these are great for movies, books, glass and toys.

Avery 8167  White Return Address Labels – 1/2″ x 1.75″ 80 to a sheet – these work great for everything else including clothes.

If you don’t have a program that can print this label, you can download templates for free from the Avery Website.

Good Luck and Have fun with your Garage Sale Pricing!

Please share your easy Pricing Methods with us by leaving a comment!

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  • Lynn Corigliano says:

    Great idea! I’m having trouble adding my initials and price. What am I missing? Thanks!

  • admin says:

    Hi Lynn,

    These templates are all pdf files so you can’t edit them, sorry. You have to print them and then write in your price and initials.

  • Lynn Corigliano says:

    In your illustration the initials and/or names and prices were typed not handwritten so I assumed I could replicate it. Thanks for your help.

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