Tips for Pricing Your Garage Sale Items

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Pricing Your Garage Sale Items

I tend to price on the slightly higher side on the items I know are hot sellers, like kids name brand clothes for example. I don’t want to give these items away and I need to make my sale efforts worth my while! If your items are in great condition, name brand and not outdated, you can ask a little more and get it! Would you pay $5 for a pair of stylish Abercrombie jeans? I would because I know what they cost retail or even on eBay.

I find it very irritating when I am at a sale and some things are marked and some are not, I honestly don’t want to go searching for the sale person to ask “How much is this Shirt?” So, usually, if it’s not marked, I put it back.


  • I use stickers for pricing and I put a sticker on everything! Some people like to use a basic price chart, like $1 for all shirts or $2 for all jeans (unless marked otherwise) and so on, but personally I would rather price items individually because we all know that not all of the clothing you are selling is created equal! You may put $1 on your daughter’s Faded Glory Jeans from Wal-Mart, but you are not selling that Gap pair (that you paid $30+ for) for $1! The basic price chart would also not work well if you are having a multi-family sale because you will want to keep track of individual sales.
  • Keep your prices at even amounts like.50, .75, $1 and not .95 cents. Stay away from .10 and .20, I figure my time in preparing is worth more than that! If you do have items that you believe are only worth .10, try bundling them with other like items, then you can give it a higher price.
  • Use pre-printed $ stickers – I have been using the same sticker method for years, I use address labels (30 to a sheet), print them on the computer and then cut them into strips. I can put 3 prices and my initials on one label, so I print a whole sheet of $1 and I have 90 stickers. I stick with this method because there are always 3 or 4 of us doing a sale and we all want our stickers to be different from each others – much easier to spot when adding up the green!
  • You can also use the smaller address labels (80 to a sheet I think) and print up sheets on the computer. You’ll want to print whole sheets of  prices, $.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, when you get past here you can print a few rows of prices at a time. Also, be sure to print some blanks with just your initials so you can fill in prices for some custom items.
  • They now have easy peel-off stickers that work great for books and movies and glass. I love these! And stickers with pre-printed prices!
  • You can always resort to doing your stickers by hand too! Some folks use masking tape and just tear off pieces as they go. Just make sure your price is clear and your initials are on your stickers it you have other sellers.
  • If you are having a sale by yourself, you could use colored stickers and say all yellow stickers are $1; this would not work well with other sellers though.

State the Size

Another valuable little extra is to right the size on the sticker. I try to do this with the kids clothes and all jeans for sure.  I always appreciate seeing the size on the sticker when I am at a sale, especially when I have my arms full; it saves me the hassle of trying to find the size tag inside! This will also save you some time when you set up your clothing according to size.

Garage Sale Pricing Box

I keep a pricing box in my Garage Sale Work Area! It is a shoe box with an attached lid that flips open. It is portable, of course, so I can take it elsewhere if I plan to price items elsewhere. Everything I need for pricing is in there and I don’t have to go running around looking for the scotch tape or scissors!

Here’s what I keep in my Pricing Box:

price stickers, sharpie markers, pens, safety pins, scotch tape, masking tape, scissors and paper

You can use whatever works for you, those small Tupperware bins with lids would also work great.

If you need help with the actual prices to put on your items, my Garage Sale Pricing Guide is available separately for $5.

Good luck pricing your garage sale items; it is a lot of work, but if you spend the time here, you will see higher profits!

Share your tips for Pricing Garage Sale Items!

Tashia Calhoun

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  • Erica says:

    Thanks so much for this article (and your other garage sale ones). My MIL and I are having a sale in a few weeks and I’ve been pretty frantic about how we’re going to do it. I had no idea you could rent tables, I think that will really help us a ton! Now if only I could convince her to part with all the stuff she’s hoarding in the attic and we’ll be set!
    Erica´s last blog ..Powell’s Books My ComLuv Profile

  • Melissa Kelly says:

    Thank you for your tips. I’ve been researching many websites, and had the garage sale last weekend. friday was a sweet success, sat of course was rained out. but your tips along with others were very helpful


  • Denise King says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the info. It was so helpful for this estate sale. We had thousands of items because the man who died was an extreme collector. I was able to hand the lists off to my helpers and get on with other things. The dealers cleaned us out on the first day of a 3 day sale and complimented us on how beautifully organized everything was.

    Denise King
    Clear the Clutter
    Best of Boston Home 2008

  • admin says:

    Thanks so much Denise! I am glad you found the garage sale info useful and glad you had a successful sale! I know it’s a lot of work, but the effort pays off!

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